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aBackup2 is a Backup Programm, with the addon, not only to save a daily backup. You can adjust how many different days it should save different backups. In addition it keeps two Backups of the last two wekks and two of the last two month. So you can restore at any time different Versions of your saved directories. It saves whole directories recursively. You can set a filter for the filenames to save.

The earlier aBackup uses a own file format, the new aBackup2 now writes standard zip files.

So, you don't need aBAckup2 to open the backups. You can even set passwords for the backups.

If you are a programer or work with databases like Access, DBase or Filemaker this function is very useful, because it can happen that you detect older errors, not noticed before. If you can't repair the errors you can search for older versions until you find a working one.

MODular SOftware - aBackup2 is freeware and you can Download it.

You have more suggestions? You miss functions? Feel Free to write us.


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