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MODular SOftware - aBackup2 ist a freeware Backup Programm.

Of course without responsibillity for Hard- and Software Problems or Lost of data, even not for backups you can't restore. aBackup2 comes with Online-Help and a funktion for internet updates.

In contrast to the earlier aBackup writes aBackup2 standard zip archives. This Version is testet with Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Downlaod aBackup2 (Version, Setup Size: 2,4 MB)

Here some mini Tools, from the last years, to dissolve Customer problems. All this tools come without intsaller and Help files.

Word_Konvertieren.rar is a Program to Convert htm Ms-Word files to .doc Word files and delete the old ones and the directories from the old files. It converts and cleans up whole directorie and subdiretories. AC ustomer saved all Word Files as .htm for some years, result was a big chaos, cleaned up with this program in 3 minutes.

ModsoCleanup deletes temporarily files _*, user->temp, windows->temp, windows->$* (update Directorys), all from the ie. Saves time for example before a Virus scan over all files.

eData is a Program to build own Databases with different Views to the data. eData is Beta Software, it comes with no guarantee for nothing, even not for the same data Format in future. In the basic Version eData is Freeware, in the Future there will be addons for money.

Download eData BETA.



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